15 Best Android Development Tutorials For Beginners

When you are a new Android developer, it’s difficult to find out where to begin. To make this thing easy for you, here are probably the best Android tutorials to begin with. Not all the tutorials and their substance are carefully beginner centered. Some of them begin for beginners and then dive into further developed topics. So in the event that you can’t follow everything in each and every tutorial, don’t get edgy or disappointed. On the off chance that you experience an obstacle, simply invest more energy with the tutorial, reading it two or multiple times if essential.

In the event that you are still not on agreeable terms with it, there is no dramatization – simply push ahead and return to it later. According to a Google report, as of May 2017, the quantity of dynamic Android users has surpassed two billion, and this solitary continues to develop. Android has outperformed iOS in significant markets, especially in the US, Europe, and Japan. Nonetheless, Apple has set up an a dependable balance in the Chinese market.

While we have no chance to get of knowing which operating framework will dominate later on, plainly the quantity of Android users is exceeding iOS users. This is the reason an ever increasing number of creators are becoming occupied with Android development. Thus, we’ve accumulated this assortment of tutorials for Android development. Have a look!

Building Your First App

Normally, we start the rundown with a tutorial from Google, the creators of Android. The ‘Building Your First App’ tutorial beginnings from the earliest starting point and it’s appropriate for outright beginners. In the event that you have no programming information at all, don’t hope to have the option to handle the tutorial unless you have a programming background.

The tutorial has a few ‘Best Practice’ areas toward the end. This is acceptable on the grounds that all the important substance about the topic in one spot and you simply need to understand it.


Android Development – Tutorial

The explanation this tutorial is close to the top is that it’s very forward-thinking (in light of Android 7.0, the most recent Android form starting today). This tutorial has a greater number of topics and information than the tutorial from Google, so in the event that you are looking for a top to bottom tutorial, this is one the.

It’s a simple or snappy tutorial. In the event that you want to take full advantage of it, you will require a considerable amount of time to peruse it through and through. It very well may be an extraordinary source on the off chance that you have to counsel a given topic in detail.


Video Tutorials Series

I find video tutorials less valuable (aside from when they show structure, animation, or any other visual topic) yet for many individuals they are the favored method for learning. In the event that you have a place with this gathering, you will adore this series of video tutorials. It’s a far reaching series of video tutorials ranging from under 5 to 15 minutes in length.


An Android Tutorial/Book

It may be old-school, however for me the best method to get a total thought regarding something is by reading a book about it. In a book, everything is organized consistently, pages are numbered and keep their format and there is sufficient content to explain the and code/designs. The first two tutorials in this rundown are book-like yet on the off chance that you want something increasingly authentic you could print them.


Game Development Series

In the event that you have some information about Android however you want to dig into games development, this series of video tutorials is an incredible beginning. The series begins with the very basics of Android (and Eclipse) however my own feeling is that on the off chance that you are a total stranger to Android, the excursion will be too hard.

Again, this tutorial isn’t about the most recent Android form yet it gives a strong establishment about Android programming and I was unable to find a progressively present one.


Better User Interfaces with the Android Action Bar

After you have had enough of general Android tutorials, we should move to tutorials for basic tasks. This tutorial covers each and everything and allows better user interfaces with android action bar. The first tutorial is about how to fabricate Better User Interfaces with the Android Action Bar.


Learning to Parse XML Data in Your Android App

While you could compose Android applications that don’t involve any data input, frequently you will require outside data. In such cases you have to realize how to handle this data. XML can help you a ton and this is the reason I’ve included a tutorial on the most proficient method to Parse XML Data in Your Android App.

This tutorial leads you bit by bit in the realm of XML parsing. It additionally encourages you make a parser that will seem as though the one appeared in the following screen capture.


Android 101 for iOS Developers

With the immense prevalence of Android, even obstinate iOS developers are probably going to think about switching or possibly expanding to it. On the off chance that you are an iOS engineer, you are fortunate in light of the fact that you are not new to portable development overall. Obviously, you could peruse the general Android tutorials I recorded before yet particularly for you, here is a better tutorial.


Scheduling Background Tasks in Android

This topic is somewhat advanced yet since it’s not very troublesome and it’s helpful, it bodes well to include it on the rundown. The ‘Background tasks in Android’ tutorial examines the kinds of cautions in Android and how to set them.


Android Adventures

I don’t think Android Studio is the most famous strategy to create Android apps yet since it (evidently) makes Android development simpler, here is a tutorial about Android Studio. Regardless of whether you as of now utilize other Android development tools and you wouldn’t change them, it despite everything bodes well to peruse what Android studio can offer.


Android Apps Localizing

Android Apps are popular all over the world. User communicate with different languages and therefore in the event that you want to contact them, you have to consider android apps localizing. This tutorial explains everything.


Android Library Projects Tutorial

Sooner or later in your Android development vocation you will become weary of having to re-invent the wheel constantly and you will appreciate the advantages of reusable code. In the event that you are as of now there, you will certainly want to find out about reusable code. For this situation this tutorial will assist you with getting started as fast as could be allowed.


Creating your first Android project

“Creating your first Android project” is a tutorial for beginners gave by Google. In the event that you completely don’t have any programming information, going through the tutorial may take some effort and time. Ensure you experience the whole tutorial as it offers some best practices toward the end.


Basic Android Programming

Android development depends on the Java language. In the event that you have a basic understanding of Java programming, it will be moderately simple to learn. This tutorial will train you basic Android programming and then take you through a portion of the advanced ideas identified with Android app development. In the wake of completing this tutorial, you will find yourself at a moderate degree of aptitude in Android programming.


Android Library Tutorial

This is a very amazing tutorial for beginners as it allows them to get to know about android library tutorials. It includes topics like creating an application, building source code, asset records, and Android manifests. In this tutorial, you’ll get the hang of everything about building an Android library, from creation to publishing for others to devour.


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