Fix WiFi Connected but no Internet Access for Android

There are times when your Android begins carrying on strange with the Internet. That feared WiFi connected but no Internet message is simply ambiguous. There are various reasons that can pave the way to this issue. Here are a portion of the things you can attempt to fix the problem.Since there is no specific reason for this connectivity issue, there are various conceivable fixes. Beneath we have listed a couple fixes which you can attempt to restore the Internet.

Android smartphones give us clients extraordinary joy when we need to surf the web, play online games or Skype with our mates and families. Pursue this manual for fathom the phone connected to WiFi but no internet error on your Android and use wi-fi internet on your phone. It’s difficult to envision what we did before we could simply haul our smartphones out. The catch is none of that is conceivable without Internet access. That makes it baffling when your smartphone’s connected to WiFi but doesn’t appear to have any internet access. It leaves you faltering attempting to discover the solution so you can get re-connected.

There could be different reasons this would occur. WiFi Connected but No Internet access is the common and bothering issue you can look on your Android and iPhone too. But, chasing for the genuine issue behind the error is the genuine game. Here are the conceivable outcomes and our suggestions about what to do when your Android phone connected to WiFi but you have no internet.

Check If You Are Actually Connected to the Internet

I know, this sounds moronic. But trust me, I’ve been there and done that. More frequently than not, you may be confronting this issue on the grounds that your router is not connected to the internet. Along these lines, attempt to connect to that router remote utilizing another gadget and check whether you can access the internet.

Another situation is that now and again some websites block specific networks. For example torrents are blocked in universities and offices. In this way, if that is the situation, take a stab at opening a lot of different sites.

Disable and Enable WiFi on Android

Much the same as a desktop or a laptop, you can actually reset the WiFi connector in Android also. A WiFi reset usually fixes issues regarding the connectivity. Be that as it may, the reset menu is not straight forward, you would need to access the concealed settings board.

Check Time and Date Settings

This is another thing that looks senseless but not well configured time and date settings can cause a ton of issues. For the most part, Android gadgets are configured to get date and time information automatically from your network operator. In any case, if you’ve changed those settings physically then you may need to reset the settings. Since when the date and time settings are set to manual, the clock may not be updated because of a restart.

Forget and Reconnect to WiFi Network

Sometimes, forgetting the hazardous network and reconnecting may fix the issue. At the point when you reconnect the WiFi network, you may be given another nearby IP address which may actually fix the issue. To do that, open your Android Settings and explore to “WiFi”. Next, tap on the WiFi network and choose the option “Forget”.

Check If Router is Blocking Network Traffic

It is conceivable that the WiFi router you are attempting to connect to may be blocking your Android gadget from connecting to the internet. If that is the situation then you won’t know it, except if you take a gander at the WiFi router’s administrator page or the online interface.

The router administrator page differs from producer to maker and model to show. In this way, consult your router manual, go to the suitable settings page and check whether the router is blocking your gadget. A few routers have the IP address of the portal, username, and password composed on the rear of the gadget.

Change Wireless Mode on Router

This is an exceptional case and happens only if you have an old Wi-Fi card or gadget. If you are getting Internet access on other gadgets, then possibilities are there is a communication obstruction between your Android and router.

Reboot WiFi Router

If you are sure that Android gadget is not obstructed and has no issue with the remote mode, take a stab at rebooting the router. It doesn’t make a difference if you trigger the reboot through the administrator page or the physical buttons. In this way, pick your decision and reboot the router, it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to finish the procedure.

Wipe Android Cache Partition

Ill-advised framework and the firmware update on Andriod can likewise prompt the no Internet on wifi issue and Android wifi won’t connect appropriately. Clearing cache information resets all the wrong settings and configurations on your Android.

Factory Reset

Inevitably, if nothing else works then you ought to cut the sledge down and factory reset your Android gadget. To do a factory reset, open the Settings application, explore to “Reset options”. At long last, tap on “Factory information reset”.

Temporarily Remove Your Phone Battery

Remove your phone battery while it is working. Hold up around 30 seconds before returning it in your phone. This will cause your phone to reboot. Hang tight for it to reboot then attempt to reconnect to the network and check to check whether you have internet access.

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